Monday, October 12, 2015

UK: British media incites against Jews

Over the past few weeks, Jewish Israelis have been targeted in an unprecendented wave of terror.   Though the media likes to emphasize (when it discusses antisemitism) that one shouldn't conflate Jews and Israel, in this case the targets are specifically Jewish.  You are most likely to be targeted if you are wearing Jewish garb or in uniform.

In 'retaliation' the British media have launched an unprecendent attack on Israel.

For example, this headline from The Independent:

As can be seen in the URL and via their twitter feed, the original headline talked of "revenge attacks".

According to the British media, Israel should respond to rocket attacks.... by doing nothing.  Anything else would be 'revenge'. 

Israel is commiting genocide!  Israel is targeting pregnant women and children!  Israel!  Israel!  (Jews! Jews!)

Let's make this clear:  Headlines like this lead to murder.  

This is not 'criticism'.   This is not 'responsible journalism'.   

Jews in Britain are under attack by the media. 

It is headlines like these that make Jews wonder if they shouldn't get a home in Israel, just in case.  You know.

British media are joining in with Muslim incitement against Jews.  And when Jews will pay the price, their blood will be on the hands of newspapers like the Independent.

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