Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Belgium: Amnesty International partners with leading antisemite for Islamophobia Day event

Amnesty International partners with anti-Semitic Dyab Abou Jahjah for Islamophobia Day event in Brussels.

Notice that this event is also sponsored by the anti-Zionist Belgian Union of Progressive Jews.  Why am I not shocked to discover anti-Zionism and antisemitism hand in hand? Again?   

Anti-Zionists claim they oppose antisemitism, but here they are, supporting the most vocal and violent antisemite in Belgium. 

Antisemitism is never taken seriously.  Abou Jahjah led pogroms against Belgian Jews.  He joined the Hezbollah in order to kill Jews.  

Does this look like the guy you want speaking about human-rights, let alone about Islamophobia? 

Above, a protest by Abou-Jahjah's group, the AEL, in 2008.  

And yet, in Belgium today, he's a respectable columnist, an honored guest at various "human-rights" events.  After all, he only wants to kill Jews.  Nothing to worry about.  

This is how Belgians "take antisemitism seriously".

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