Monday, April 4, 2016

Belgium: Head of anti-racism group fights for right of BDS

Recently, French author Elisabeth Badinter called for a boycott of shops who sell Muslim fashion.

What a perfect time for an organization which supposedly fights antisemitism to talk about the right to boycott Israel.

Alexis Deswaef, head of Belgium's leading anti-racism group, the Human Rights League, tweetted the following:

"Such a boycott is allowed? But calling for a boycott of Israeli companies in the settlements is a crime?"

Deswaef is referring to the fact that BDS is illegal in France.

74% of Belgian Jews think BDS is antisemitic.  85% of French Jews think BDS is antisemitic.

Deswaef and the Human Rights League disagree. Because what do Jews know?

But, of course, what do we expect from Deswaef, who invites antisemites to his conferences and then attacks Jews who dare criticize him?  

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