Friday, April 8, 2016

Palestinian glorification of Jew-murder funded by Spanish and Dutch governments

Via Palestinian Media Watch:
On Friday, a Palestinian NGO, Union of Agricultural Work Committees, held a tree planting ceremony honoring 209 "Martyrs of the popular uprising." Among these "Martyrs" are numerous Palestinian terrorists and murderers, who have murdered and attempted to murder Israelis during the wave of terror attacks that since September 2015 has included numerous stabbings, shootings, and car ramming attacks, killing 34 and wounding over 400 Israelis.

Several foreign governments and international organizations, including UNRWA, UNDP, the governments of Australia, Spain, Netherlands and Japan, as well as numerous NGOs are listed as donors of the Union of Agricultural Work Committees. (See full list below) [UAWC website, list of "doners" (misspelled), accessed April 4, 2016]

Their funding of the UAWC implicates all these institutions and organizations in the act of honoring murderers of Israelis.  
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