Monday, April 4, 2016

UK: Anti-Zionist sings about genocide and ethnic cleansing of Zionists

Via Daphne Anson:

The pro-Palestinian group "Football Against Apartheid" came to the Arsenal-Watford game to protest against Israel's inclusion in FIFA.

As can be seen at the very end of the clip, one of their activists sang the following ditty, calling for genocide and ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews:

The Zionist losers and their friends, the abusers
They've all got it coming and they'll soon be running
'Cos their land ain't their land, this land ain't my land
This land belongs to Palestine.
The people around her, all claiming to care about human rights, cheer her on. 

Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination is antisemitism according to the definition used by the United Kingdom.  

Will this woman be charged for inciting to racial hatred?  I doubt it.   Instead, she'll continue to spread her hate and antisemitism around London.

Arsenal's stadium is named Emirates Stadium, for the financing company Emirates Airline.  Emirates Airline is wholly owned by the government of Dubai, a country with a 'stellar' human rights record.  But that doesn't bother the anti-Zionist crowd, of course.

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