Sunday, April 3, 2016

UK: Comedian rants about Jews and Daesch post

Why does she keep being invited?

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Kate Copstick
A comedian who judged a Jewish comedy festival has been criticised after posting an antisemitic article on Facebook.  Kate Copstick, who was on the judging panel for the Jewish Comedian of the Year award, posted an article titled "why are Isis not killing Jews?" on Sunday.

The conspiracy-theory piece engages in Holocaust denial, states that Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi "is a Jewish Mossad agent" and accuses Jews of collaborating with the terror group.

Ms Copstick, who was a regular guest on BBC comedy show Chucklevision, added a comment on the social media site after posting the article.

She wrote: "Conspiracy possibly. B------s possibly. Just interested, and keeping an open mind." [...]

Meanwhile it has emerged that the day after judging the comedy award last December at the JW3 centre in north-west London, Ms Copstick used a podcast appearance to rant about Jews.

Describing the venue for the event, she said it was "at Jew central… this very strange place". Ms Copstick continued: "It's an arts centre that's built like a f---ing fortress… It's all 'oh dear, we are still terrible victims and everybody is having a go at us'. 

"When was the last time a Jew was shot in London? They are banging on like 'we live in fear, we live in fear'. For f---'s sake, there's a moat, you get frisked before you go in, there's bars, it's all bullet-proof glass."

Raymond Simonson, JW3 chief executive, said Ms Copstick's comments about the centre were "crass, insensitive and ignorant". He said it was a shame she had used her visit "as an excuse to spout crass old antisemitic lines".
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