Thursday, April 7, 2016

UK: Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers promoting anti-Semitic conspiraty theories

Piers Corbyn is also promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
Tom Harry writes @ The Telegraph:
[...] As the Labour leader tries valiantly to try to quash any notion that – heaven forbid! – there are some anti-Semitic types in his party’s ranks, up pops big brother Piers with some possibly unhelpful Tweets about Israel (who else?) and Zionism. Judging by one of his reweets, there is something suspicious about Isil’s failure, thus far, to attack Israel’s extraterritorial oil pipeline. Sounds like an invitation to me…


Sadly, McDonnell and his boss [Jeremy Corbyn] seem to believe that all they need to do is repeat warm words about not tolerating anti-Semitism or any other form of racism, and the party will look after itself.
Repulsive individuals are, even as I write, filling out online application forms, planning to get involved in local campaigning, hoping, perhaps, to be chosen as conference delegates or even election candidates. If Labour’s leadership genuinely want to reassert the party’s reputation as one that welcomes and values its Jewish members, it will not only keep the Compliance Unit, it will properly resource it, giving it whatever new powers it needs to protect the party from the poisonous influence of the anti-Jewish hard left. 
Once that is achieved, Jeremy can do what the rest of us do when our big brothers threaten to embarrass us: sigh, smile indulgently and rest assured that our actions, rather than just our words, protect us from any guilt by association.

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