Monday, April 4, 2016

UK paying Palestinian terrorists who left British woman for dead and killed her friend £9,000 each every year - as a 'REWARD'

Background: UK/EU: Thousands of Palestinian terrorists/suicide bombers given aid money (Daily Mail) 

The Daily Mail further reports:

Kristine Luken
Two Palestinian terrorists who repeatedly stabbed a British woman in a brutal attack and killed her friend are now each receiving at least £9,000 in ‘blood money’ every year with the help of UK aid.

Kay Wilson was left for dead in an orgy of violence in Jerusalem in which Kristine Luken, an American, was killed.  The attackers were eventually caught and, after admitting their crimes, were sent to prison.

But Ms Wilson was horrified to learn from news reports that her assailants were being paid a monthly stipend equivalent to £750 each effectively from the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Last week The Mail on Sunday exposed how ‘reward’ payments are going via the PA to thousands of terrorists and to hundreds of other prisoners in Israeli jails.

Ms Wilson, 51, and her friend were hiking in the Judean Hills in 2010 when the two men pounced on them, believing both women to be Jewish, although Miss Luken was Christian. After tying the women up the terrorists launched a savage attack.

Miss Luken died from her stab wounds. Miss Wilson still bears a seven-inch scar on her stomach and, more than five years on, breathing still causes her pain.

Ms Wilson's injuries
Ms Wilson said: ‘We were held for 30 minutes at knife point then gagged and bound before being butchered with machetes.

‘I watched my friend chopped up before my eyes, and only survived because I played dead, despite being stabbed 13 times and having over 30 bones broken by the sheer force of the blows.
‘Each time he plunged his machete into me I could hear my bones crunch, and also my flesh ripping from the serrated blade.  They left, only to return moments later and roll me over, and I watched him plunge the knife into my chest, just missing my heart.’  [...]

The Department for International Development (DFID) denies that any British cash reaches terrorists and says its payments to the PA are ‘ring-fenced’ for specific projects.

Critics point out that the money from the UK and other Western countries frees up other funds to be passed on to the terrorists. Our investigation found Britain funded the PLO until last year.  Former prisoners and the families of terrorists we spoke to confirmed receiving cash from both the PA and the PLO.

Miss Wilson believes that while the ‘blood money’ issue has been aired in Israel it is only now being taken seriously in the West. ‘This is why your investigation is so important,’ she said.

The Mail on Sunday tried to contact the PA but our messages were not responded to.

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