Thursday, June 30, 2016

UK: Corbyn supporters blame Zionists for no confidence vote

Via Tablet (h/t glykosymoritis):
Yesterday, the British Labour party’s members of parliament voted no confidence in leader Jeremy Corbyn by a 172-40 margin. The vote came in the wake of the resignation of almost the entirety of Corbyn’s shadow cabinet. Though the vote is non-binding, and Corbyn has vowed to stay on, it could be the prelude to a historic split in the Labour party.


Unsurprisingly, despite this explicit rationale, the resounding rejection of Corbyn was quickly cast as a “Zionist plot” by some of his most zealous supporters. One non-Jewish Labour MP and Corbyn critic aired her frustration with these bigoted accusations on Twitter:

    Dear people sending me emails saying I am part of a Zionist plot. Stop it.

    — Jess Phillips MP (@jessphillips) June 26, 2016

    Hi @PeoplesMomentum this has come from your email address “people like me brought out with Zionist money.”

    — Jess Phillips MP (@jessphillips) June 27, 2016

(These critics did not detail just how much “Zionist money” it took to buy off 172 of Labour’s 216 MPs.)
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