Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hungary: Jobbik leader says if he lived in Greece, he would vote for antisemitic far-left party

Nick Thorpe at the BBC asks whether Hungary's Jobbik is "really ditching far-right past?" (h/t glykosymoritis).

Gabor Vona, head of Jobbik, claims it is.  After all, if he would live in Greece, he would vote for the far-left Syriza party.  Thorpe forgets to mention, however, that Jobbik and Syriza both share a hatred of Jews and Israel.  You don't need to be a Nazi to hate Jews.

Jobbik is changing fast, its leader Gabor Vona, 38, claims.

From a radical nationalist party which until recently insulted Hungary's Roma (Gypsy) and Jewish communities, to a moderate "conservative people's party", which offers the only realistic chance of ousting Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz party.

But is the makeover genuine and could Jobbik really move to the centre?


Nowadays, Gabor Vona prefers to avoid political labels. "If I lived in Greece I would probably vote for Syriza, though they are supposed to be on the left," he suggests.
 And unlike other party leaders associated with the far right, he admires the Sufi tradition of Islam: something he has struggled to explain to his vehemently anti-migrant party.

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