Monday, November 13, 2017

Sweden: Islamist-inspired antisemitism is spiraling out of control

Via The Jerusalem Post (Ilya Meyer):
(...) For instance, Sweden is probably the only Western, nominally democratic country that is currently engaged in multiple wars, all financed by an extremist government that freely uses Swedish tax revenues to further its political agenda at home and abroad.

The Swedish government’s first war is against Israel. The day after it took office in 2014, the government announced its recognition of something called “Palestine,” with absolutely no strings attached.

No demands for a stop to the Palestinian Authority’s antisemitism, genocidal violence against Jews, indoctrination of vulnerable young Arab children, and abuse of sporting, educational and cultural contexts to vilify the Jewish State of Israel.

Sweden could have stopped all this by conditioning its financial and diplomatic aid on an end to such activities. Instead, the Swedish government actively chose not to impose any such conditions on the use of Swedish tax revenues.

The Swedish government’s second war is against all measures that have any chance of bringing about coexistence or peace for Israel. Sweden actively supports efforts to encourage Palestinian Arab intransigence, including massive funding of educational and cultural activities that condemn new generations of Arab children to an upbringing steeped in hatred and racism.

The Freedom Theatre is just one way in which Sweden ensures that future generations of Arab children remain firmly stuck in the moral morass of antisemitism, hatred, violence and rejection of peaceful coexistence.

The Swedish government’s third war is against its own Jewish citizens and their indelible links to their families in Israel.

This can be seen perhaps most clearly in the actions of former Swedish housing minister Mehmet Kaplan, who announced his first policy decision back in autumn 2014 as – I quote – the “liberation of Jerusalem.” The Jewish city of Jerusalem – all of Jerusalem, was to be liberated from Jews, by Muslims. As the official foreign policy of the Swedish government. On its first day in power. (...)
Islamist-inspired antisemitism in Sweden is spiraling out of control, including public calls in some mosques to – I quote – “kill the Jews wherever they are found.”

This kind of rabid antisemitism from a sizable Islamist minority has been routinely ignored as just “the jargon of that culture,” while identical antisemitic sentiments uttered by a tiny, idiotic neo-Nazi minority have attracted loud government condemnation. The discrepancy in responses is remarkable. Yet despite Sweden’s ongoing domestic social implosion, the only consistent government policy does not even relate to domestic issues but to a foreign one – namely criticism of Israel.
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