Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Netherlands: Amsterdam kosher restaurant vandal apologizes; blames anger over Israel

The authorities are not treating this incident as an antisemitic hate crime.

Via NL Times:
Saleh A., a 29-year-old man who broke the windows of kosher restaurant Ha Carmel in Amsterdam while carrying a Palestinian flag on December 7th, apologizes to the owner of the restaurant and the Dutch people, his lawyer said in court on Wednesday. He attacked the restaurant out of anger about the situation in Israel, the man told the court, the Telegraaf  reports.

The Public Prosecutor is charging A. with vandalism and burglary. The court suspended the trial for three months while further investigation is done.

A. several times said that he is like a volcano on the point of eruption due to pent-up grief and anger. "I came here to the Netherlands to get papers and return", he said to the court. "But that idiotic Trump made me so angry." He undoubtedly referred to American president Donald Trump recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announcing that the U.S. embassy will be moved there. The attack on Ha Carmel happened shortly after this announcement.

On the question on whether he is willing to use violence, A. responded: "No, I want a world in peace." He's been seeing a psychologist for several months. "But I am not crazy", he said.

The probation service would like A. to undergo further examination because there are concerns that he may be paranoid, or suffers from psychoses, according to the newspaper. A. feels this is not necessary, but he added that he will "do everything" the Dutch government asks of him. 

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