Wednesday, March 28, 2018

UK: Jews stand up to Corbynistas (but will Jeremy bat an eyelid?)

Via Conservative Woman (Niall McCrae):
Solidarity but sadness. That was the mood of the remarkable demonstration by Jewish people in Parliament Square this week. Two thousand peaceable folk assembled following revelations that Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn had joined three Facebook groups containing virulent anti-Semitic comments, and that he had supported a mural depicting greedy Jewish bankers playing Monopoly on a board resting on the backs of slaves. (...)

I asked protesters if they felt reassured by the turnout. ‘It shouldn’t have come to this’ was a typical response. They are aghast at the resurgent ogre of anti-Semitism, which ranges from casual remarks to blood-libel conspiracy theorists, Holocaust-deniers and that ugly combination of hard Left and Islamo-Fascists who want Israel wiped off the map. Will this change anything, I wondered? Walking back over Westminster Bridge, I overheard an answer to my question: ‘He won’t bat an eyelid’. After all, there is a voting bloc twelve times larger than the Jews to harvest. 
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