Thursday, April 5, 2018

French historian: 60 000 Jews have left France in last ten years and Europe will empty itself of its Jews

Le Monde has interviewed Marc Knobel, CRIF's historian and director of studies, in the wake of the murder of Mireille Knoll, 85 (Jews Are Being Murdered in Paris. Again.):
"How do you see the future?

I do not know what to think anymore. I will stay in this country anyway, but I feel that many people will be leaving. In fact, 60,000 have left France in the space of ten years out of a community of around 500,000. I think the trend will not stop. People are afraid for their children and now for their parents too. All the conditions are right, once the bewilderment subsides, for them to say to themselves that they have nothing to do here. The number of people leaving France will grow. In other European countries too, where the situation is also tense, even if there have been no killings [of Jews] - and that's not a small difference. Europe will empty itself of its Jews."
(Google translation)

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