Tuesday, December 10, 2019

France: Israeli student beaten on Paris metro by ‘Antisemitic, Anti-Zionist’ assailant

Ben Cohen @ The Algemeiner:
An Israeli student is recovering in a French hospital after he was brutally beaten up on the Paris subway by a man who overheard him speaking in Hebrew on his cellphone.  
The incident took place just before 7 p.m. on Monday night, the French Jewish security organization BNVCA reported. As the student boarded a train at the Château d’Eau station on the Paris Metro together with a friend, he received a phone call from his father, which he answered in Hebrew. The two men — both said to be 6 feet in height and of African origin — immediately began shouting aggressively at the student, who has been named as B. Yogev, in his early 30s. Other passengers on the train also pointed toward Yogev and began threatening him, the BNVCA said.  
One of the men then landed several punches to Yogev’s head, face and body, knocking him to the floor of the subway carriage and leaving him with concussion and a broken nose. Yogev was taken to Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, accompanied by the friend with whom he was traveling, who was not reported to have been attacked. The assailant and his companion are yet to be apprehended.
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