Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Spain: New deputy prime minister hosted antisemitic TV debate

Via The Jewish Chronicle:
One of Spain’s four new deputy prime ministers, Pablo Iglesias, hosted a TV talkshow about the “power of the Zionist lobby” in which guests voiced antisemitic conspiracy theories and used anti-Jewish tropes.

In a video of Fort Apache, broadcast in April 2018 by the Iran-funded HispanTV, Mr Iglesias can be seen nodding and smiling as panel members hold forth about how Wall Street is “practically in the hands of Jews”, and the “huge” media power of the pro-Israel lobby which “determines” US foreign policy.

The leader of the far-left party Unidas Podemos ('Together We Can'), who was made deputy prime minister for “social rights” in Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s coalition government on Thursday, says at the start of the show, “Today we are talking about the power of the Zionist lobby over American politics”.

In her own introductory comments, journalist Teresa Aranguren, a self-described Middle East specialist and “defender of the Palestinian cause”, claims, "The pro-Israel lobby has the power to configure US policies from the inside, to the point where one can ask whether it directs American policy, rather than the other way around".

Another panel member, Carlos Enrique Bayo, a journalist for Spanish news website Público, says: “This lobby obviously has enormous media and communications power – but it also has huge economic power… big financial institutions on Wall Street are practically in the hands of Jews".

Liliana Córdova, co-founder of Red Internacional Judía Antisionista, states: "In this lobby you have foundations, like the Anti-Defamation League, which have fabulous amounts of money.”

Manolo Monereo, a former Podemos parliamentarian, says: “It’s more than a lobby… It has so much influence that it can determine North America’s international policy, concretely in the Middle East.” 
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