Sunday, March 1, 2020

Europe: ‘Fun’ anti-semitic displays in Europe should shock Jews everywhere

Antisemitic pornography at Aalst carnival

Via New York Post:
All of a sudden nostalgia for 1930s Germany resurges across Europe, where some dismiss it as “just fun.”

Carnival marchers in the Belgian town of Aalst last week were dressed up as Jewish caricatures, as if lifted from the pages of the crude Nazi-era weekly Der Sturmer. They had long, crooked noses, Hasidic hats, rat tails — the works. Men clad in SS uniforms marched alongside, drinking beer and joking with the cheering crowds.

The grotesque display, which appeared in Aalst’s annual three-day carnival last year for the first time and repeated again last week, was described to the BBC by the town mayor’s spokesman as “our humor, just fun.” [Note: the ffirst time was in 2009, see photo below]

Men in Nazi uniforms and women in concentration camp pajamas also marched last week in another European town, Campo de Criptana in Central Spain. Oh, and music bands performed in full Nazi regalia in Croatia, Ukraine and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a study conducted among 14,000 people in 16 European Union countries found that a quarter of all responders oppose having “too many Jews” in their country. The study, presented Monday to the European Jewish Association’s annual conference in Paris, also found 21 percent believe Jews “talk too much about the Holocaust” and exploit it for their own purposes. 
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