Friday, April 3, 2020

Germany: Conspiracy audiobook reveals the "tricks" of the "almighty Rothschilds"

Via Watch Antisemitism in Europe:

The online audiobook store Audible spreads openly antisemitic German book called "The Rothschilds. A family rules the world." [Die Rothschilds: Eine Familie beherrscht die Welt] The book is written by German right wing author and journalist Tilman Knechtel. Already in the synopsis of the book, which is used to advertise the book on Audible, Knechtel evokes the classic antisemitic imagery of the Rothschilds holding the whole "globe" in control with "octopus tentacles". The cover of the book shows a dark hooded faceless figure who threateningly poses a dagger over the globe. The monstrous figure represents the Rothschilds, Jews. Knechtel's other works include a book that claims that the Rockefellers are controlling every aspect of life in the U.S.A. and another that tackles the "lying left leaning press" which according to the author seeks to plunge the world into a "socialst world order". The audiobook is read by German actor Markus Böker.

A quick Audible search of other books Böker has read for Audible shows that Böker has already read other right wing leaning conspiracy books, among them one called "Media Nazi. How to silence your critics" by Gereon Breuer. The book decries right wingers being shunned by mainstream media. (As an example German author Eva Herman who made news for praising Hitler's family policies.)

See for yourself:
Book presentation (Google translation from the German]:
"[…] Discover the tricks and strategies of the Rothschild family, their organizations, their banks, their agents. Learn about the true origins of Nazism, Communism, and Zionism. Find out the Rothschilds' direct influence on political heavyweights from the English royal family to American presidents. Find out how it can be possible that the fate of the world can be centrally controlled by a single family. This work will not only open your eyes, but will open them wide.  
This audio book opens up hundreds of contexts that the mainstream media want to keep secret from you. Identifying the real enemies of humanity that make war, enslavement, oppression and impoverishment possible is the goal of this audio book. Get to know the almighty Rothschilds!"

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