Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finland: Convicted anti-Semite recipient of local media town medal for achievement

Tundra Tabloids: Juha Kärkkäinen was found guilty of spreading hatred for Jews in his store newsletter and on his online website. Regardless of where you fall on the free speech rights issue, this incident shouldn’t leave you with too much to mull over, the city shouldn’t have recognized this anti-Semite for anything. He lost his respectability once he took to demonizing Jews.

NOTE: Actress Minttu Mustakallio was the only one who condemned the awarding of the medal to Kärkkäinen. (according to tabloid paper, Ilta-Sanomat)

Background: Simon Wiesenthal Center Condemns Finland’s Juha Kärkkäinen, Tycoon Publisher of Antisemitic Free Newspapers as a ‘National Danger’ and Kärkkäinen convicted over anti-semitic rants

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