Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UK: After Twitter abuser jailed, MP targeted for antisemitic abuse

The jailing of an internet troll who sent antisemitic messages to MP Luciana Berger has sparked a wave of copycat abuse targeting the Labour shadow cabinet member.

Merseysider Garron Helm was handed a four-week prison term on Monday after admitting sending an “obscene” Hitler-related tweet to Ms Berger.

It featured a photograph of the Liverpool Wavertree MP superimposed with a Holocaust yellow star and the wording: "You can always count on a Jew to show their true colours eventually".

Helm’s incarceration was widely welcomed, but Ms Berger has subsequently been targeted by similar messages on Twitter.

One sent her a message containing only the word “jude” – the German word for Jew.

Another bombarded Ms Berger with messages on Thursday evening, and also targeted fellow Jewish Labour MP Louise Ellman.

In one tweet the user wrote: “Two Jews in a shtetl. Family tree is a knot. #InbredJews #ExpelLucianaBerger #ExpeltheJews #JewOwnedBritain”

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