Sunday, October 26, 2014

Netherlands: Mayor compares Muslims joining ISIS to post WWII Jews fighting for Israel

Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying
People in Syria—and Tweeting Out
the Pictures
Lured by local mosques and the Internet, by visions of warriors and victory dancing in their heads, thousands of European Muslims have left the safety of their homes in England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and elsewhere to join the Syrian jihad.

Concern about the security threat they may pose on their return has gripped European leaders for some time; now, they are starting to focus on ways of stopping Muslim would-be jihadists from traveling to Syria at all. But not everyone seems to think this is such a good idea: Pieter Broertjes, mayor of the Dutch city of Hilversum, for instance, thinks the fighters should be allowed to go.

“They’re adults,” he said in a radio interview on Thursday. “Dutch went to Israel after World War II to fight the British, and we didn’t try to stop them.” (The reference is to the Palestinian territories, which were under British rule until 1948.)

Let’s get this straight. Muslims who seek to join terrorist groups, killing innocent men, women, and children in some of the most gruesome, inhuman acts of violence imaginable, are just like the Jews who escaped Europe after World War II? What makes Broertjes’ statement particularly shocking is that it comes just two months after a remark by another member of his party, the PvdA, or Labor Party, describing IS on Twitter as a “Zionist plot.”

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