Sunday, October 5, 2014

France: Dieudonné and Faurisson welcome at La Rochelle?

In 2013 at the University of La Rochelle:

Dieudonné and Faurisson
During a week of students’ theater that took place at the university, about twenty students from a variety of departments and levels read four plays to the audience at the Toujours à l’Horizon theater, located at La Rochelle. Prior to that they had participated in a writing workshop that was conducted by the Quebec-born writer Éric Noël, and wrote a play titled "Your children’s role in the global economic recovery". This play, which was probably written for the purpose of entertainment, attempts to deplore the pursuit of globalization and the financial craze. It portrays an international company “Goldberg and co.” that gambles on newborn babies, and when these babies grow up and become adults they must yield profits to their parents and their investors. The “Goldberg and co.” people are cunning, obsessed with money and their image is not very different from the past unflattering image of the Jew. At a later stage of the play, a Nazi cook, who hides in a brothel, and two orthodox Jews called Cohen 1 and Cohen 2, enter the scene.

"Why is this obsession? You must know how to forgive", says one of the actors to the two Jews. At that moment he takes out bills of money and hands them over to them. With that the chase of the Nazi ends; one of the Jews, who was bought with money eventually even shakes the cook’s hand. More:  CFCA

2014 - the show goes on at La Rochelle:

In 2013, an abject antisemitc play co-written and performed by students from the University of La Rochelle attracted controversy. The authors had, among others, believed it to be in the best of tastes to assign to a rapacious, cowardly and odious financial company the name of one of the teachers of the university: Goldberg. The play is by Canadian author, Eric Noël, and was put on by a local stage director, Claudie Landy, in partnership with two Rochelaises associations: the Centre Intermondes and the "Always on the horizon" (Toujours à l'Horizon) theater.

In August 2014, the two associations had the nerve to invite Jacques Noël as a playwright in residence. This inevitably revived the controversy as the play had been criticised by Minister Fioraso, lawmakers, city mayors, scientists, actors, directors, and on social networks by thousands of citizens. The project was canceled at the last minute following the intervention of the mayor who was anxious not to give a platform to even more anti-Jewish hatred.

Now both associations question the reasons for cancelling the vent and pose as victims of censorship. They have recently organised a conference advocating free speech for people like Dieudonné and Robert Faurisson.  They claim they are fighting anti-Semitism...

More (in French): La Règle du Jeu

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