Monday, October 20, 2014

Switzerland: Comedian's word play about concentration camp ovens

Matthieu Béguelin, a member of the Swiss socialist party and a comedian, made a quip about the lack of success of Jewish author Bernard-Henri Levy's play "Hotel Europe" that is currently being performed in Paris.  He wrote:
"The play is a flop...  Valls calls for the fight against antisemitism". 
Bernard-Henri Levy is Jewish and the word "four" (oven in French) implies reference to "concentration camp ovens". Matthie Béguelin could have chosen to use other words like "bide" or "flop". He then went on to add that French prime minister Manuel Valls had issued calls for the fight against anti-Semtism.

Using word play to suggest views without stating them overtly and joking about Jews and the Holocaust are commonplace in Europe.

More: CICAD (in French)

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