Monday, October 6, 2014

Portugal: Muslim immigrant wants to fight for Palestine and Islamic State

A muslim immigrant was interviewed in Lisbon. He has a bogus work contract.  He and explains that his contract is genuine but that he doesn't work. The journalist shows him pictures of atrocities perpetrated by the Islamic state to make sure he gets her point. She then asks him:

"Would you like to go there and fight?"

To her surprise he answers: "Yes. I do."
"Are you sure? You wouldn't be afraid?"
"It would be fine for me to go there."
"It would be fine for you? It would be good?"
"Not only for me, but for all Muslims."
"Syria is a muslim country. Irak is a muslim country. Palestine is a muslim country. And I want to help Muslims."

He confirms that he want to go there to fight, but just now it is not possible right now.

This just go to show how easily it is for violent jihadists to travel freely in Europe and that they have plenty of money to move around...

Via: Amigo de Israel

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