Friday, October 24, 2014

UK: HuffPo article blames Jews for murder & kidnapping of Jewish kids

Neil Gibb, in an article on the Huffington Post UK site, proves he knows nothing about Israel, Gaza or recent history.  I'm sure there are many such people, they just don't usually flaunt their ignorance.
In Gaza recently nearly three thousand people, mainly women and children, were killed by precision shelling because of a conflict that was triggered by one young man being beaten to death as he was 'an Arab', and then a tit-for-tat killing of some other young men because they were 'Jews'.
According to Gibb, the chain of events is as follows:
1. Arab boy beaten to death  (Jewish aggression)
2. Jewish boys killed (Arab 'tit-for-tat')
3. Precision shelling of nearly 3,000 people, mainly women and children

Now, let's review what really happened:
1. Jewish boys were killed (Arab aggression)
2. Israeli army targets Hamas in the West Bank
3. Arab boy beaten to death (Jewish 'tit-for-tat')
4. As a result of #2, Hamas in Gaza attacks Israel (Arab aggression)
5. Israel responds  (Jewish 'tit-for-tat').  Israel employed 'precision shelling' in order to avoid killing civilians, and not, as Gibb portrays it, in order to target women and children.

And (of course) he gets his numbers wrong.  He claims 3,000 Gazans were killed, most of which were women and children.

According to the UN (via Wikipedia): 2,189 Gazans died during the Gaza war.  1,486 are believed to be civilians  513 were children, 269 were women.   So, about 2,000 killed, a third of which were women and children.

This is what the Huffington Post considers professional journalism.

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