Thursday, July 28, 2016

Belgium: Jewish tennis player told "All of You Should Have Been Gassed"

It's easy to act against crass antisemitsim.  It's harder when the antisemitism is all proper and official. 

A few years ago, the Belgian Tennis Association refused the Israeli team's request not to play on Yom Kippur.

Via Haaretz:
A Belgian tennis club suspended a player who told a Jewish competitor on the court, “All of you should have been gassed.”

Alain Verlaak made the remark to a Maccabi player at the Tennis 7th Olympics club in Antwerp on July 22, the Belgian monthly Joods Actueel reported Tuesday.

The incident occurred during a tournament of the VTV national tennis association of the Flemish Region – one of the three states that make up the Belgian federal kingdom.

The Jewish player, who asked to be identified only as Serge S. due to security concerns, told Joods Actueel the incident evolved after a dispute over the validity of a point lost to Verlaak, who was leading in the match. Ludo Depooter, the tournament organizer, confirmed the details of the incident to Joods Actueel.
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