Sunday, July 24, 2016

France: Overheard conversation: Jews run France and are behind the Nice terrorist attack

Amaury Grandgil @ Causeur describes a scene he witnessed on a Paris suburban train.

A young veiled woman and her mother who was not veiled were crouching on the floor of a passenger carriage.  A baby was sitting next to them on a stroller.  They were blocking the way. 

Both were very aggressive and were taunting the "French" around them. The passengers felt nervous and furious but did not react.

The women noticed that Amaury Grandgil was reading a newspaper which reported on the Nice terrorist attack and they opined: "Anyway, the attacks are the fault of the Jews, they plan attacks so that people become racist against Muslims because it is the Jews who run France ..."

read more (in French) 

Such views are quite common: Palestinian Imam celebrated by Church of Sweden: "The Jews are behind the Islamic State!"

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