Sunday, July 10, 2016

Spain: Leftist party under fire for anti-Semitic Obama tweet

Via JTA:
Spanish Jews condemned a left-wing party’s use of anti-Semitic imagery meant to protest President Barack Obama’s upcoming visit to the country.

The Madrid branch of Izquerda Unida, or United Left, on Thursday tweeted the cartoon image, which depicts a thick-lipped Obama standing behind a wall amid explosions while hugging a Jew with side curls, a kippah emblazoned with the Star of David and a suit in the light-blue color on the Israeli flag. The Obama character is shown slipping a wad of cash in or out of the Jew’s pocket. It used the hashtag #ObamaGoHome.

United Left, which has eight lawmakers out of 350 in the Spanish congress, later tweeted a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting a victim of a terrorist attack, with a caption comparing Israeli soldiers to Islamic State fighters.

In far-left circles across Western Europe, many have claimed equivalence, cooperation or both between Israel and ISIS.
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