Wednesday, July 6, 2016

France: Top journalist criticises Elie Wiesel and those who "kiss the arse of racist Netanyahu"

Bruno Masure is one of the top French journalists.  He reacted with anger to the tributes paid to Elie Wiesel who died on July 2. Reported by JSS News (in French).

Bruno Masure: "Thank you France Inter for reminding its listeners - too - that Wiesel was a great 'supporter' of Netanyahu's crazy policies."

Benjamin Goldnadel: "Bruno Masure it's your right to dislike Netanyahu, but when did you last criticise Abbas's policies?"

Bruno Masure: "Compared to Netanyahu he [Abbas] is a great statesman."

Benjamin Goldnadel: "Indeed.  If you are an Abbas fan it's difficult to have a balanced  view of Israel and its P.M."

Bruno Masure:  "The same holds for those who on a daily basis kiss the arse of racist Netanyahu."



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