Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Germany: Leftwing radicals: ‘Money-grabbing’ Jews have too much influence

Breitbart reports:
A new poll shows anti-Semitism is rife among leftwing Germans, with 34% of respondents saying Jews have “too much influence” in the country, the Jerusalem Post reported.
The survey, conducted by the Research Association on the SED [Socialist Unity Party] State at the Free University of Berlin, showed that 34% of leftwing radicals agreed with the anti-Semitic belief that Jews are “money-grabbing,” and 16% of Germans defined as radically left-wing hold anti-Semitic views.  A further 13% of radical leftwingers said Jews are consumed with money.

The study included an online survey with 36,000 respondents.

According to its website, the association researches the former East German communist state and its SED party, which is no longer in existence. The association seeks “to gain more insight into the outer and inner conditions that made possible the 40 years of a second German dictatorship in the 20th century.”

The researchers who led the study, Monika Deutz-Schroeder and Klaus Schroeder, said anti-Semitic extremist leftism equates “Jew” with “capitalist” and “exploiter.”
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