Friday, July 8, 2016

UK: Jewish students' anger over Labour’s failure to publish report into Oxford antisemitism

Via Jewish Chronicle (h/t Honestly Concerned):
A Labour spokeswoman said today that the party's NEC had agreed in May "to publish the recommendations only. I'm not aware of any other decisions, or plans to publish anything further".

In a joint statement, the Union of Jewish Students and the Oxford Jewish Society called for Baroness Royall’s full report to be published immediately.

Labour was “unwilling to confront the issue of antisemitism within its own ranks,” they said.

“Many Jewish students at Oxford not only feel frustrated, but also let down by a process that, almost five months later, has failed to properly address the issues that they have raised.

"They were told that evidence from Jan Royall’s inquiry would be included in Shami Chakrabarti’s, but last week’s publication showed nothing of the sort.”

Jewish students deserved answers, they said.

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