Sunday, July 17, 2016

Germany: 'Please stop playing Pokemon at Holocaust sites'

Via The Local:

German Holocaust memorials and research centres are concerned about how players are able to catch Pokemon right at sites meant to honour those murdered by the Nazis.

Pokemon Go has only been available in Germany as of sometime before noon on Wednesday and already it’s causing controversy.

The Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe told The Local that the Holocaust memorial in Berlin has been reported as a site where people could find and catch Pokemon creatures through the augmented reality game.

“This is a memorial space for the six million Jews who were murdered and it is inappropriate for this kind of game,” said foundation spokeswoman Sarah Friedrich, adding that she hoped the company would remove the memorial as a possible location.

A reporter for The Local did not find Pokemon at the Memorial for the Murdered Jews in Berlin, but did find two at the memorial for the genocide of Roma and Sinti people by the Nazis - one Diglett and one Jynx.

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