Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Belgium: Famous "pie thrower" vows to target French Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut

Noël Godin is a Belgian author and "entarteur" who gained fame not for his writings but for throwing cream pies at famous people's faces.

Fearing the consequences, he obviously will never throw cream pies at the faces of Islamic hate preachers, but only at famous people who, he and his team, know full well will not hit back in a nasty way - their attacks are well planned and they operate in groups against the unsuspecting victim they are set to humiliate in public [see the list here]. 

Bill Gates was a target and "a regular target is French Jewish philosopher, socialite and writer Bernard-Henri Levy. After one attack, in 1985, an enraged Levy was filmed standing over Godin snarling "Get up, or I'll kick your head in"."  He has attacked him eight times and is prepared for a ninth.  One of the attacks against Levy took place in a church in Namur.  Obviously the Godin crowd would never dare to perform pie attacks in a mosque...

He has now set his sights on another French Jewish philosopher, Alain Finkielkraut.  He told a Belgian newspaper that when cartoonist Siné died, Alain Finkielkraut had slandered him by calling him an antisemite.  The newspapers readers reacted angrily at Godin's pronouncements and one pointed out that he had never targeted someone like Tarik Ramadan... a darling with the Belgian francophone establishment.

So what did Siné say and write about Jews? 
In 1982, shortly after a terrorist attack had taken place on Jews in Paris, Siné gave an interview on the radio during which he stated: "Yes, I am anti-Semitic and I am not scared to admit it [...] I want all Jews to live in fear, unless they are pro-Palestinian. Let them die." He later apologised for his comments.
 In July 2008, Siné's column in the magazine Charlie Hebdo contained this comment on Jean Sarkozy's rumoured impending conversion to Judaism so he could marry Jewish heiress Jessica Sebaoun-Darty: "He'll go a long way in life, this lad!" (Wikipedia)

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