Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Netherlands: Media impressed with nuanced antisemite

Apparently, saying you want to murder all Jews in Israel and actually joining a terror organization to achieve that goal is not serious enough for some people.

Dutch media thinks Abou Jahjah 'wants to look dangerous, but isn't"

Via DutchNews:
A controversial Belgian Lebanese activist, the first guest on the traditional Dutch summer chat show series Zomergasten, failed to live up to the hype, Dutch media said on Monday.
Dyab Abou Jahjah who founded the Arab-European League and sparked an threatened exodus of writers from publishing house De Bezige Bij when it agreed to publish a pamphlet by him, was the first guest of the new season which typically sees guest choosing television or film footage to illustrate their views.
The programme which has a different presenter each year and has a reputation for being hard-hitting and controversial, did not see sparks fly. Jahjah presented himself as ‘largely moderate’, the paper writes. ‘The film fragments he chose – about religion, colonisation, segregation, migration and racism – were often more outspoken than the man himself. (..) Abou Jahjah wants to look dangerous but isn’t’, the paper concludes.

The NRC’ s tv critic says Jahjah – who tweeted ‘Zionists and racists are going crazy because I’m on Zomergasten. After the broadcast they’ll be crazier still. Zionism is racism’ in the run up to the programme – ‘refused to be provoked and fielded the criticism convincingly and in a nuanced way.’ 

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