Friday, August 12, 2016

UK: Edinburgh NUS delegate calls Zionists ‘sub-human rats’

Jewish Press reports:
An Edinburgh University student elected as the institution’s delegate to the national student union has found himself the centre of attention, after calling Zionists “sub-human rats” in a social media rant.

Daniel Yahia, a Celtic Football Club supporter who describes himself as a “student, Communist and unrepentant Fenian b*stard,” was reacting to images posted on Facebook by the club’s Israeli player Nir Bitton in support of the IDF and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

In comments reported by The Tab, he wrote: ““Sick of seeing Celtic fans creaming themselves over Nir Bitton. We are a club open to all, that cannot be disputed, but by all, we mean humans, of difference creeds, races and religions. Zionists are subhuman and, Nir Bitton is a filthy, Zionist rat.”

A friend subsequently responded to Yahia’s comment supportively, saying Bitton should be “gassed,” but the elected National Union of Students delegate defended this as a Belfast term for terminating someone’s employment.
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