Sunday, August 28, 2016

France: Anger as French ban Israeli flags but let Palestinian flags fly

From the Jewish Chronicle:
Israeli fans were banned from bringing their flags into a French stadium while opposing fans flew the Palestinian flag, it has been claimed.

On Thursday night, Beitar Jerusalem played St Etienne in the second leg of their Europa League play-off.
One, an Israeli sports news site, reported that Beitar supporters were prevented from taking Israeli flags inside the football ground. Fans of St Etienne waved both French and Palestinian flags during the game. A pro-Palestinian rally had been held in the city on Thursday afternoon before the match.

Israel supporters reacted with anger on social media. One user wrote: “I look forward to French fans when they face a Russian team hoisting dozens of Ukranian flags in provocation while the Russians are banned from bringing in their own flags.

“Or how about when they ban Turks from hoisting Turkish fans when Fenerbahçe or Galatasaray come to visit and the French hoist Kurdish flags aloft.”
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