Tuesday, August 9, 2016

UK: Op-ed on Jewish businessman swamped with antisemitic comments

 Hugo Rifkind wrote an op-ed in the Spectator headlined: "Thank God for Sir Philip Green,the perfect modern hate figure":
There is snobbery in the debasement of Sir Philip. Yes, I know he rode BHS into the ground and then scarpered, and all the rest, but come on, you know it’s there. Were he a tall, clear-skinned, Brylcreemed Old Etonian rampaging capitalist vampire bastard, then the hate would have a wholly different shape. He’d sit in our minds as a Bond villain or an oligarch. Instead, he’s there as a sort of counter-jumping ITV2 cash-hoovering spiv; less Goldfinger, more Doshfinger. Gloriously though, that’s all validated, because he seems to have no social-climbing pretensions at all. He acts, shouts and lives like a yobbo done good, and so class-ridden Britain gets to call him one and not feel bad about it.

Rifkind on Twitter
Pretty much all of the comments under my Philip Green article are antisemitic. See my *completely surprised* face .

I thought he was exaggerating.  He wasn't.

The article was swamped with antisemitic comments, referring to both Green and Rifkind, who are both Jewish.  Commentators argued for example that Green is the Jewish stereotype and that Rifkind is defending him because he's Jewish

I checked the comments yesterday, but did not think to take screenshots.  They have all since been removed.

However, antisemitic comments are still being posted, such as this one: "He wouldn't be hated in Israel, Hugo. They know how to value entrepreneurship and inventive business practices there" etc.

Despite his 'Jewish' name and the 'Jewish' echoes, "Dr Shimon bin Muḥammadi", is an antisemitic, White Supremacist apologist who blames Jews for the refugee crisis.

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