Friday, August 5, 2016

UK: Oxford University Labour Club has 'cultural problem', leaked report reveals

Labour is so serious about tackling antisemitism, that they wanted the report buried.

Via LabourList:
The full report compiled by Baroness Royall into allegations of anti-Semitism against the Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) has been leaked in full, after the party published the executive summary of the inquiry in May.

Among the new information in the report, which runs to 13 pages, is Royall’s finding that anti-Semitic incidents did occur within the university society, and recommends the normal disciplinary procedures be followed. Royall says that any evidence of anti-Semitism presented to her she passed onto Labour general secretary, Iain McNicol.

In the section of the document published in May, it did not specify whether Royall believed that anti-Semitism incident had taken place within the Labour club, but did state that she did not think there was an “institutional” problem.

But writing for the Jewish Labour Movement’s website at the same time, she did state that “clear incidents” of anti-Semitism had occurred in the party, and wrote: “I am clear that in the OULC there is a cultural problem which means that Jewish students do not always feel welcome”. She also stated her “disappointment and frustration” that the main story out of the part-publication of her report was the conclusion clearing OULC of institutional anti-Semitism, as it overshadowed her other findings.

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