Friday, August 19, 2016

Poland: Antisemitic hate speech by a well known priest

From CJCA:
Polish priest, Jacek Miedlar, member of the Priests' Missionaries Association, unofficially the priest of Polish nationalists and far-right-wing soccer fans, tried to frighten his flock during a mass, telling that:

"Passive Jewish mob will try to throw you on your knees, then crawling, will try to grind faces of you, Jews want to swallow you, to digest you - for only reason - to spit you out because of your further uselessness." Any Polish bishop did not react for this hate speech.

When MP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus informed Bielsko-Biala's Prosecutors Office about possible crime of hate-speech and incitement committed by the priest,  he answered her by Twitter threatening, that "in the days of the past for such persons as the MP only the razor was left for use."
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