Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Italy: 'Hitler prize' offered by trade union sparks fury among Jewish groups

An Italian Trade union has been slammed by Jewish groups for offering a spoof 'Hitler Prize' to people who work with animals, who have been targeted by extremists. 
Italy's only female Rabbi Barbara Aeillo told the Local that the prize 'exemplifies a disturbing trend of intolerance and hate that is on the rise not only in Italy but throughout Europe. 
'Creeping Nazism is a slow but steady trend that minimizes the Holocaust, demeans the memory of those murdered and diminishes the suffering of the survivors. 
'The fact that a competition like the Hitler Award is even conceivable, let alone celebrated, is more than troubling and indicates a significant change in the Italian public’s general tolerance for anti-semitic remarks and activity.'

More: Daily Mail

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