Thursday, February 6, 2014

Greece: Left wing candidate posts anti-semitic conspiracy on Facebook

SYRIZA is the "Coalition of the Radical Left" Party and is the main opposition party in Greece.  The post in question is from half a year ago.

Questions have been raised over SYRIZA’s choice of candidate for the position of Regional Governor of Western Macedonia. Theodoros Karipidis is a journalist from the town of Kozani who, according to a recent post he made on his Facebook page, holds bizarre and apparently anti-semitic views about the name of Greece’s new public broadcaster. 
As has been reported by a number of Greek news sites, the local TV journalist has made a number of controversial statements via his Facebook page including the following which draws a bizarre link between the name of Greece’s new state broadcaster (established by the current government after the shock closure of the former state broadcaster, ERT) and Hanukkah. Below is the Facebook post translated in full:

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Update: headline fix

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