Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Italy: Jewish Brigade march attacked by pro-Palestinians

A Liberation Day parade in Rome, meanwhile, was marred by tension between a group of supporters of the Palestinian cause and representatives of Jewish fighters who were part of the Italian Resistance during World War II. Fabio Perugia, the spokesman of Rome's Jewish Community, said the friction was caused by the presence of the flag of the Jewish Brigade of the Resistance, which features the Star of David. "We had a meeting at 9:15 to march with the flag of the Jewish Brigade, which is similar to the Israeli flag, but not the same," said Perugia. "Suddenly around 50 people with Palestinian flags came out of the Colosseo metro station and started to attack us verbally. 
"If the police had not been there, they would have attacked us physically". Perugia said that the police removed the Palestinian flags. 
Loretta Mussi, a member of a pro-Palestian organisation, said her group had authorization to carry Palestinian flags and said that it was attacked by the Jewish group. 
Representatives of the Jewish Brigade and Palestinian supporters also exchanged insults at an event in Milan.
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