Thursday, May 29, 2014

Norway: Anti-Israel question in education ministry's exam


In a Norwegian-language test administered to over 40,000 high-school students across Norway, one of the questions presented two items: A photo a graffiti drawing by British street artist Banksy and an SMS sent by Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert from Gaza during the war in 2009.  The students were asked to discuss the goal of the texts and the methods used.

For both items, the text is biased against Israel.  There is no explanation of why Israel felt it necessary to build a wall, or why it attacked Gaza.

The explanation of the graffiti states as follows: "This graffiti is painted on the wall that the Israeli authorities built in the West Bank. The wall is 8 meters high and surrounds the city of Bethlehem, among other things."

Gilbert's SMS says as follows: "They bombed the central vegetable market in Gaza city two hours ago. 80 injured, 20 killed. All came here to Shifa. Hades! We wade in death, blood and amputees. Many children. Pregnant woman. I have never experienced anything this horrible. Now we hear tanks. Tell it, pass it on, shout it. Anything. DO SOMETHING! DO MORE! We're living in the history books now, all of us!"

The explanation explained that Gilbert and fellow doctor Erik Fosse were in Gaza during the war and were among the only Western witnesses.

Anti-Zionists claim they're only 'criticizing Israel'.  So let me 'criticize Norway' for a second: Norwegians hate Jews Zionists and they teach their kids to hate Jews Zionists. They might have wiped the Jew hatred from their constitution, but it's still imprinted in their minds and in their genes.

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