Sunday, November 2, 2014

France: Avowedly anti-Semitic writer Hervé Ryssen acquitted over dissemination of posters: “Jewish mafia – the big international predators"

The Correctional Tribunal of Paris court last week acquitted the avowedly anti-Semitic French writer Hervé Ryssen in a lawsuit that was filed against him over the dissemination of posters that carried his name and the words “Jewish mafia – the big international predators.”  More: JTA

Photo taken on Nov. 11, 2010 at 123, Bd Murat, 16th arrondissement, Paris
The poster (and book cover) reads: The Jewish mafia, the big international predators.
- Racketeering - Arms traficking - Contract killings - Drug traficking - Money laundering - Pimping - Casinos and nightclubs - Pornography - White slave trade - Diamond trafficking - Third world resources plundering - Trafficking in artworks - Swindling.  "The Jewish mafia is the most powerful in the world, and the most dangerous too."  "A mind-boggling book!"

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