Friday, January 9, 2015

Belgium: Teacher uses Charlie Hebdo shooting to hit at Jews

Pierre Piccinin is a Belgian secondary school teacher who believes and lets it be known that the Zionist mafia and the international Jewish lobby pose a lethal danger to Europe and the world.  He complained on Facebook that he was being persecuted by the Jewish mafia and predicted that soon fear will switch sides - meaning that the day of reckoning will come when it will be the Jews (Zionists) who will live in fear and not the rest of the humanity. Piccinin then set up an organisation to protect freedom of speech which he assumes the Jewish mafia is trying to take away from him and other like-minded people.  One should not dismiss Piccinin as being irrelevant.  In some quarters he is taken seriously, for instance at Medea Institute where he was a speaker with another Israel-basher Sébastien Boussois of the Free University of Brussels.

Piccinin has reacted on Facebook to the massacre of policemen, journalists and members of staff at Charlie Hebdo alledgedly perpetrated by Muslim terrorists (7 Jan., 2015):

"France has indeed a short memory ... Politicians, journalists and ordinary fellows are howling in chorus tonight on all television channels and radio stations about an "attack on freedom of expression." A few months back, the very same indivuals, in packs, with their hate-filled mugs, shamelessly and with ferocious arrogance gagged the dissident voice of a humorist from Cameroon [meaning: antisemitic Dieudonné]."

"... It's so easy to attack the symbols of Islam.  Whereas, nothing on... Hmmm".  ["..." meaning Judaism].

The case of Piccinin is typical of what goes on in Europe.  He lashes out at Jews, Zionists, naming a few, Israel and then complains that no one can criticise Jews, Zionists and Israel.  People like him spend their lives doing precisely this.  They keep their jobs, they are invited to speak publicly, they publish etc. But they pretend that they do so at great risk.

Of course for many generations the Piccinin family will have seen Jews as despicable human beings.  It is a terrible shock for many Europeans like him that Jews no longer match the vile image Europeans had of them.  Most Jews are proud and no longer prepared to get trampled over, to bend their backs in fear and be bossed around and insulted by the descendents of their former European elite "masters".

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