Sunday, February 15, 2015

Denmark: Jew killed in attack on Copenhagen synagogue

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One man was killed in an attack on the Copenhagen synagogue late Saturday night.  The man, who is Jewish, was shot in the head.  The victim, a young man in his 30s, was a volunteer, guarding the synagogue while a Bat Mitzvah ceremony was taking place inside.  There were about 80 people present inside.

Additionally, two policemen were injured in the arm and leg.

The gunmen fled.  The shooter was later killed after shooting at police at a nearby train station.

One man was killed in an attack last night on a debate on freedom of speech in a Copenhagen cafe.

Michael Gelvan, chairman of the Nordic Jewish Security Council, told AFP: "We don’t know anything yet, it’s too early to guess, but it’s a copy of what happened in Paris."

News sites: Guardian, Times of Israel, Algemeiner, Ynet

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