Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sweden: Popular rapper says antisemitic Denmark attack is 'false-flag' operation

Photo: DN

h/t judehatet

Shortly after the antisemitic attack in Denmark, Swedish hip-hop star Daniel "Dani M" Monserrat published his own views on who's behind it.

On his Facebook page he wrote as follows: "Smells like another false flag to drag Europe into war, rob us of our rights and increase xenophobia.  Especially the hate between Jews and Muslims. Do not be fooled that this is happening randomly.  These things happen because they're allowed to happen and/or because they're sponsored by the same elite who will benefit from it."

Who could he possibly be talking about?

As I've previously reported, Monserrat repeatedly accuses Jews of running the world.  Though after he was accused of being antisemitic, he started accusing 'them' of running the world.  We have no idea who he might be talking about.

Swedish society, btw, had accepted his apologies and justification that he's not antisemitic, he's just being critical of Israeli policies.  He's a popular guy.

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