Sunday, May 10, 2015

UPDATE - Belgium: Brussels Jewish Museum hosts conference with two BDS anti-Israel militants


Since posting last night, the link to the list of the pro-BDS signatories where the names of Anya Topolsk and Nadia Fadil feature was disabled.  Here is evidence that both signed the petition:

A Goole search revealed the name of Anya Topolsk on another BDS petitionElder of Ziyon who took up the story revealed that "Speaker Nadia Fadil signed a petition in 2009 urging the EU to take Hamas off its terror list.  Elder asks : "Are there no Jews left in Belgium with any self-respect?"

Horror struck last year at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.  The Museum hadn't seen fit to have have security measures in place.  Anyone could just walk in. That's precisely what Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29-year-old French national of Algerian origin who hated Israel and the Jews, did.  This is what happened:
A man wearing a cap, carrying several bags and armed with a handgun and a Kalashnikov rifle arrived at the Jewish Museum of Belgium, near the Sablon in central Brussels, at around half past three. He then opened fire, killing three people on site and critically wounding a fourth, who was soon taken to hospital. He later died of his injuries on 6 June. The attack lasted less than 90 seconds, after which the shooter fled the scene on footand was partially captured by security cameras. According to police, he headed into a different part of downtown Brussels before disappearing.  (Wikipedia)

It is a well established fact that Israel-bashing is one of the main causes of antisemitism in Europe.  Or isn't it?  Well, the Museum is organising a conference entitled Reflexions on antisemitism and islamophobia" and the two guest speakers are two militant Israel-bashers and pro-BDS.  They are Nadia Fadil and Anya Topolsk.  Both are signatories of the BELGIAN CAMPAIGN FOR AN ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL (BACBI) petition - by the way, only a tiny minority of academics signed it - of whom a couple of Jews.  Sadly, these are the people the Museum has invited, and Belgian Jewish representatives don't seem either to mind or, according to a source, to be aware of their speakers' anti-Israel stance...  

As readers can see, Ms. Topolksi is Jewish and a member of Another Jewish Voice. She is a Abou Jahjah fan.

Nadia Fadil's reaction to this and links to Electronic Intifada...
In an editorial Nadia Fadil also defended Abou Jahjah and wrote that she belonged to the "AEL generation" (Arab European League).  More about Abou Jahjah and the AEL HERE.

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