Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Belgium: Students visit Auschwitz and learn that Israel = Nazis

Jew explaining to Palestinian at Auschwitz
that Jews are Nazis

750 Belgian students participated in a train trip to Auschwitz, to commemorate 70 years to the end of the Holocaust.

The trip was featured on the news-program 'Terzake' on VRT.

The Forum of Jewish  Organizations in Flanders says that the report used Auschwitz as a platform to attack Israel.

In the report a girl of Palestinian origin was interviewed and compared the Holocaust to the way Israelis are treating the Palestinians.

Terzake then showed Lydia Chagoll, a Jew who accompanied the group and guided them around, talking to the group and repeating the same ideas - saying that "she's antisemitic" and that she completely supports the Palestinians and that Israel is repeating to them what the Nazis did to the Jews.

Politicians accompanied the various groups.  Here too we are left to wonder what the students heard from rabid antisemitic and anti-Israel politicians.

For example, schools from Brussels were accompanied by Jamal Ikazban (Socialists), who uses 'Zionist' as a curse word.

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