Tuesday, May 5, 2015

France: French Jews understand why Ilan Halimi's mother had him reburied in Israel

French Jews are responding to the Ilan Halimi memorial desecration by saying they now understand why his mother had him reburied in Israel.

More from Avi Mayer Twitter account:

- It is apparently no longer enough to attack Jews while they are alive. Now they are abused even in death. 

- Halimi was held and tortured in an apartment building in Bagneux, which was also the hometown of kosher supermarket shooter Amedy Coulibaly.

French socialist  and former minister Jack Lang, who is Jewish, hastened to condemn the act ... and Islamophobia.

Blog Extrême Centre underlines the hypocrisy of Marie-Hélène Amiable, the communist mayor of Bagneux, who said: "This is outrageous, unacceptable, I am extremely shocked".  The blog writes:
"I would add that the  hypocrisy of the political schemers at the helm this commmunist municipality [Bagneux] who say that they are "extremely shocked" makes me feel like throwing up.  For years they have been stroking the beards of the anti-Zionism (neo-antisemitism) of the national-islamists of the Gaza strip and elsewhere."

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